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Our Sister Cities

Did you know the City of Cockburn has three sister cities? These relationships celebrate historical links and promote cross-cultural understanding. 

In recognition of our sister city relationships the City has commissioned public artworks and special verge treatments along Spearwood Avenue, known as Friendship Way.

Delegations from Cockburn have been pleased to visit our sister cities and in return the City has also played host to sister city visitors. You can read about our trips and see photos via the links on the right.


Our sister cities are:

YUEYANG, China  - Website

In an area populated for 3,000 years, Yueyang was originally established as a prefecture called Hanchang in 210 AD. Yueyang, known for excellence in education, is home to six colleges and polytechnics and several medical schools. Some of Spearwood Avenue, unofficially named Friendship way has been dedicated to Cockburns Sister City, Yueyang. Murals, a welcome wall and traditional Chinese lions have been erected in honour of the Citys relationship with Yueyang.

Download more information and photos of this section of Friendship Way (Spearwood Ave) - PDF

MOBILE, Alabama (USA)
- Website

Mobile is the third most populous city in Alabama and the states only port. The city is a cultural centre, housing opera and ballet companies, a symphony orchestra and art museums. An early connection between the two cities is via Captain James Stirling, who visited both Mobile and Cockburn during his naval career. The two cities also share a strong through the shipbuilding industry. The Due South artwork on the corner of Cockburn Road and Spearwood Avenue celebrates this strong nautical relationship. The artwork was created by Tony and Ben Jones.

Download more information and photos of this section of Friendship Way (Spearwood Ave) - PDF

SPLIT, Croatia
- Website

Split is the second-largest urban centre in Croatia, situated on the shores of the Adriatic Sea. The City dates back to the 6th Century BC. Croatian pioneers cultivated the growth of Cockburn and our cities share a rich marketing gardening history. This is celebrated by the Cultivate installation on Friendship Way, near the Beeliar Road roundabout. The artwork was created by Dawn and Phillip Gamblen in consultation with members of the local Croatian community.

Download more information and photos of this section of Friendship Way (Spearwood) - PDF


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Yueyang, China
Summary: Cockburn visit to Yueyang 2010
Images: Cockburn visit to Yueyang 2010

Split, Croatia
Summary: Cockburn visit to Split 2008
Images: Cockburn visit to Split 2008

Sister City visits to Cockburn
Images: Yueyang delegates visit 2010
Images: Split delegates visit 2008 
Images: Mobile delegates visit 2008

Visit to Split, Croatia 2008Mobile Sister City ArtworkYueyang delegates visit Cockburn

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