City of Cockburn, PO Box 1215, Bibra Lake DC, Western Australia, 6965
Telephone: (08) 9411 3444

Cockburn Community Care

Support Services for Seniors & People with Disabilities

Cockburn Community Care provides a range of services for seniors and younger people with disabilities who live in Cockburn. Services are provided at home, in the community and in the Social Clubs located in Healy Road in Hamilton Hill

Our services can be funded by NDIS My Way, Home and Community Care (HACC), Home Care Packages or can be self funded.

There are a number of agencies that provide these services, if you Cockburn Community Care is the agency that you prefer, please let the assessor know during the referral process.

Home Support Services

Cockburn Community Care can provide support with cleaning, shopping, bill paying, social support to engage in the community, respite, personal care, medication prompts, transport and basic home and garden maintenance.

Social Clubs

A number of social clubs run on weekdays at Cockburn Community Care's buildings in Hamilton Hill. The clubs are different every day, catering for different groups with different needs and interests. Customised activities and outings are organised for seniors, people with cognitive disabilities and people with dementia. This service helps people get out and about, maintain friendships, stay healthy and keep their skills. Cockburn Community Care provides transport if required.

The Kwobarup Social Club

One of our Social Clubs, Kwobarup, caters specifically for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. 



The Cities of Cockburn and Kwinana are a trial site for the My Way program, funded by the National Disability Insurance Scheme and managed by the WA Disability Services Commission. Cockburn Community Care has a panel contract to provide these services.

These services are funded for people under 65 years of age who have a disability attributable to an intellectual, cognitive, neurological, sensory or physical impairment or psychiatric condition. The impairments need to be permanent and the support likely to be required for life.

Phone My Way 1800 996 214 for information or referrals.

Home Care Packages (HCP)

Home Care Packages are provided to seniors who have a functional impairment or disability.

Services are provided on a Consumer Directed Care basis. The government provides a "bucket" of money to which the client contributes. The size of the bucket is determined by need with four levels of packages funded. The service provider (e.g. Cockburn Community Care) manages the bucket of money to provide support services. Clients negotiate the package of services to be provided and have control over how the bucket of money is used each month.

Referrals for Home Care Packages are typically made by General Practitioners (GPs) or hospital social workers. Cockburn Community Care can provide advice and support for referrals.


HACC funds services to meet basic needs for Seniors over 65 years of age who have a functional impairment or disability. Services are less extensive than Home Care Package services. Please phone the Regional Assesment Service (RAS) on 1300 785 415 or ask your GP for advice.


Fees are set by the government and vary across the programs. NDIS My Way services do not require any fees. Inability to pay a fee cannot be used by agencies as a basis to deny services.  

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How to Find Us:

The service is based at the Jean Willis Centre, Corner of Healy Road and Ingram Street Hamilton Hill.

The main office is staffed for community contact between 8.00am and 5.00pm, Monday to Friday.

Contact Us:

Phone:  9411 3780
Fax:      9337 6634
Post: PO Box 1215, Bibra Lake DC WA 6965

Volunteers Wanted for various programs to support our clients.

Cockburn Community Care values Volunteers, come join us in the Day Centre or become a Volunteer driver.

Visit the Volunteer Page for more information