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Under the Building Code of Australia, patios are classed as non-habitable Class 10a buildings or structures.

What is a Patio?

A patio is a pergola with an impervious roof covering (eg. colourbond or polycarbonate sheeting).

When is a Building Permit NOT required for a Patio? 

Under the Building Regulations 2012, a building permit is not required for a patio that:

  • is freestanding; and
  • has a floor area not exceeding 10m2; and
  • is no more than 2.4m in height; and
  • is not located in wind region C or D as defined in AS 1170.2 (Note: The City of Cockburn is not located in these regions).

The freestanding proposed patio should be located not less than 900mm from the dwelling and a minimum 500mm from the lot boundary.


NOTE:  A Building Permit application will be required if the proposed patio does not meet the above criteria. In addition, Planning Approval may be needed. Please contact Building Services on 9411 3444 for further information.

Building Permit Application

When the Building Act 2011 came into effect on 2 April 2012, it introduced a new building approval process for Western Australia. Under the new building legislation, builders, designers and owners have a choice of submitting either a certified or uncertified application.

What is the difference between a certified and an uncertified application?

A Certified Application (BA1 form)

The plans and specifications of a proposed building have been assessed by a registered private building surveyor. If the proposed structure complies with the applicable building standards, the building surveyor will issue a certificate of compliance. This certificate of compliance is to be submitted with the building permit application.

The permit authority (i.e. local government) has 10 business days to make a decision on the application.

An Uncertified Application (BA2)

The plans and specifications for a proposed structure have not been assessed by a registered private building surveyor. The information and documentation lodged with an uncertified building permit application will be assessed by a building surveyor employed by the permit authority.

The permit authority has 25 business days to make a determination on the application.

Submission requirements

To apply for a building permit, the following information would be required:

  • A completed Building Permit application form (BA1 or BA2) signed by all the owners of the property and the builder.
  • Two (2) copies of a scaled site plan (min scale 1:200) showing
    • The location of the dwelling and other outbuildings / structures on the Lot;
    • Setback distance of the proposed patio from Lot boundaries and existing buildings on the Lot;
    • Dimensions of the proposed patio (overall width and length);
    • The proposed patios downpipe and post locations.
  • Two (2) copies of scaled elevation and cross-section drawings certified by a practising structural engineer (min scale 1:100) showing
    • Roof pitch and configuration;
    • Footing size;
    • Connection details (i.e. how the proposed patio will be attached to the wall or eave of the existing residence);
    • Type of roof cover (e.g. Trimdek, Custom Orb) and finish (e.g.. Colourbond, Laserlite);
    • Height of the proposed patio at the eave and the ridge.
  • Two (2) copies of a scaled floor plan (min scale 1:100) of the proposed structure.

Please kindly note in addition to the above items, the following information should also be provided with your application:

Timber-framed Patios

 Footing size and type of coupling to timber posts;
 Type of timber to be used and its compliance with AS1684 (i.e. ability to withstand exposure to the elements).

Steel-framed Patios

 Engineer designed and certified drawings showing

    • Steel sizes and gauges (thickness);
    • Dimensions of beams, posts, purlins and rafters;
    • Bracing, if any;
    • Wind load design;
    • Fixing details to the wall or eave of the existing residence;
    • Footing sizes;
    • Relevant Australian Standards associated with the proposed construction and materials to be used.

Please be aware that if the proposed structure requires Planning Approval, you must obtain this prior to lodging an application for a Building Permit.

For further information, please contact the City's Building Services or Planning Services on 9411 3444.