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Heritage in the City of Cockburn

Recent Heritage Listings

The City of Cockburn has now included the former WWII Army Camp in Bibra Lake on the Local Government Inventory and Heritage List.

The place record can be viewed below:

Local Government Inventory and Heritage List

The City of Cockburn Local Government Inventory (which also contains the 'Significant Tree' list) and the Heritage List can be viewed below, or at the City's Administration building, or any City of Cockburn library.

What is the Local Government Inventory and Heritage List?

 Local Government Inventories can best be described as 'local heritage registers', identifying the places and areas that are of cultural heritage significance in the local area. 

The Local Government Inventory recognises the importance of heritage places to the local community, and it provides a record of the places that are an important part of the history of the area.

All local governments are required to compile a Local Government Inventory under the Heritage of WA Act 1990.

Each place on the Local Government Inventory is allocated a Management Category.  Management Categories recognise the different levels of significance and intactness of heritage places and provide recommendations to the City as to the kind of care that should be taken for each place. Each place that is entered onto the Local Government Inventory is given a Management Category between A and D, with A being the most significant, and D being the least significant. 

The most significant places (ie. the Management Category A and B places), are also included on the Heritage List.  The adoption of a heritage list is a requirement of the City of Cockburn Town Planning Scheme No. 3 ("Scheme"), and these places are protected under the Scheme.

How are places chosen for inclusion on the Local Government Inventory?

Places are selected for inclusion on the Local Government Inventory based on their cultural heritage significance.  This is the aesthetic, historic, scientific or social significance a place may have for present and future generations.  These values have been defined by the Heritage Council of Western Australia and are used as criteria to assess the importance of places for inclusion on the City of Cockburn Local Government Inventory.

The places that are currently included on the Local Government Inventory were identified for inclusion either in the original 1998 Local Government Inventory (then referred to as the Municipal Inventory), or in subsequent major reviews undertaken in 2004 and 2011 when additional places were added. 

Some of these places were nominated by members of the community or community groups, and others were identified by heritage consultants engaged by the City of Cockburn.

How will places that are nominated by the community be considered?

Any person can nominate a heritage place for inclusion on the Local Government Inventory and/or Heritage List using the 'Local Government Inventory Nomination Form' (Found above).

The City will consider any nominations for new heritage places against the Heritage Council of WA criteria. 

Any nominations for Significant Trees will be assessed against the City's criteria for Significant Trees.  In some cases the City may engage a Heritage Consultant/historian to review nominations to determine whether they meet the criteria, and to undertake further historical research if required.  Council will ultimately make the final decision on whether a place or tree is to be included on the Local Government Inventory.  If you nominate a place or tree for inclusion you will be advised of when the matter is to be considered by Council, and advised of the outcome of any Council decision in relation to the matter.

Where are the City's Heritage Places?

The Local Government Inventory sets out the location of heritage places in in Cockburn (which can be viewed above), however heritage places can also be viewed on the Online Mapping System, where you can download the supporting documentation.

Click on the link below to access the City of Cockburn Online Mapping, and select the 'Heritage - Local Government Inventory' module:

Further information for owners of Heritage Places Council have a Local Planning Policy to provide guidance for the development of heritage places, which can be viewed below:


Heritage Page


The City has released brochures of key housing styles in Cockburn to help landowners considering modifications to their home, and setting out some general maintenance tips.

If you're curious to learn more about heritage and housing styles in Cockburn these brochures can be viewed below:

Indigenous Heritage:

Developers should familiarise themselves with the State Cultural Heritage Due Diligence Guidelines.

The Guidelines are intended to assist prospective developers in assessing the risk the proposed development may have on impacting Aboriginal heritage values and whether or not consent under the Aboriginal Heritage Act is required.

Local Planning Policy
(Naval Base Holiday Park Heritage Area)

Council have adopted a Local Planning Policy to ensure that development within the Naval Base Holiday Park Heritage Area respects the heritage significance of the area, which can be viewed below:

Further Information

The documents are available for inspection at any library within the district, and at the City's administration building.