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Town Planning Scheme

Local Planning Strategy Maps

Town Planning Scheme No 3 was gazetted on 20 December 2002, then consolidated as at 17 March 2015. Use the links immediately below to use current versions. 


On gazettal of the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015 on 19 October 2015, large sections of Town Planning Scheme No. 3 were replaced by deemed provisions.

The scheme text (linked below) must now be read with the deemed provisions. 

Local Planning Strategy

The Local Planning Strategy sets out the long-term planning directions for the municipality and provides the rationale for the zones and other provisions of the Town Planning Scheme. 

Copies of the Local Planning Strategy maps are located to the right of this page. 


Local Commercial and Activity Centres Strategy

The Local Commercial and Activity Centres Strategy (LCACS) for the City of Cockburn sets the vision for the planning and development of the City's commercial centres over the next 10-15 years.   

Figure 01 MRS

Figure 02 Clause 32 Planning Control and Improvement Plan

Figure 03 Metropolitan Location

Figure 04 Future Urban Areas Jan 1999

Figure 05 Residential Densities

Figure 06 Industrial Zone Land 1999

Figure 07 Existing and Future Retail 1999

Figure 08 Parks and Recreation

Figure 09 Trails Master Plan

Figure 10 Local Community Facilities 1996

Figure 11 Neighbourhood Community Facilities 1996

Figure 12 District Community Facilities 1996

Figure 13 Regional Community Facilities 1996

Figure 14 Education Facilities 1999

Figure 15 Primary School Catchments

Figure 16 Statement of Planning Policy No 2 & No 6

Figure 17 Environmental Characteristics 1998

Figure 18 Development Constraints 1999

Figure 19 Municipal Heritage Inventory 1998

Figure 20 Road Network and Public Transport 10 Years

Figure 21 Bus Routes 1998

Figure 22 Existing Bicycle Facilities 1999

Figure 23 Proposed Bicycle Facilities 1999

Figure 24 Infill Sewerage Program

Figure 25 Major Planning Issues 1999

Figure 26 Extractive Industries

Figure 27 Ultimate Strategic District Plan

Figure 28 Thomsons Lake Master Plan

Figure 29 DA and DC Areas

Figure 30 Town Planning Scheme No 3 Draft


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