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Dealing with Graffiti

Graffiti needs to be cleaned promptly to discourage vandals from targeting the area again. Vandals like to show off their 'tags' to their peers and call themselves 'Graffiti artists' - graffiti tagging is not ART, it is UGLY.

Council is active in having this defacement of property removed as soon possible. Although the cost is enormous to the community to clean up graffiti, it is very important that graffiti is reported as soon as it is noticed by telephoning us on 9411 3444.

You can also email to report graffiti if this is easier for you.

Council will remove graffiti free of charge on all residential properties only, the graffiti must also be reported to the police on 131 444 or your local police station. The police photograph graffiti and hold the photos as evidence and may lay further charges when they catch an offender. Council does not remove graffiti from business properties unless it is offensive.

Offensive graffiti - that is graffiti that is of a rude or racial nature is given clean off priority. The council contractor endeavours to have all graffiti removed within 3 working days. 


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Reporting graffiti does not fall under CoSafe's responsibility. To ensure a quick response to your problems please use the contacts provided.

Graffiti is a criminal offence and can result in a criminal record, fines and/or penalties.

Graffiti costs are paid by everyone in your community in some way. If we can stamp out this anti-social behaviour, everyone wins.

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