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Personal Property Registration

Recovering stolen property is almost impossible without it being marked with your information. Engraving or marking your property is easy to do and could help to deter burglars from stealing items.

There are a number of ways to mark your property, such as engraving, using permanent or Ultra Violet (can only be seen under a UV light) markers and using commercial products such as Datadot.

The use of the formentioned items should be used in conjunction with a property register.

Pros and Cons of Marking your Property


  • Deter burglars from taking items from your home
  • Reduce the chance of selling goods to legitimate secondhand dealers
  • In conjunction with the Neighborhood Watch property register items can be correctly itemised for insurance purposes.


  • Incorrect marking can't be easily removed
  • Marking with incorrect details could limit the possibility of getting the goods returned.
  • Marking placed on removable parts would be ineffective (such as a bicycle wheel rather than the frame)
  • UV pens minimalize the sight of the property marking, though may not always been seen by police or secondhand dealers. Note: labels stating that the item has been marked for indentification are available.


Numerous City of Cockburn libraries have marker pens available.

Keep a copy of your property register at an alternative secure location in case of fire, and send a copy to your insurance company.