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Environmental Education

Environmental Education Primary Schools Grant

Applications for 2017 are now closed.

This grant is offered to local Cockburn Primary Schools and provides funding for activities to be delivered by professionals in the Environmental Education for Sustainabiltiy Field. Up to $1000 can be applied for. Only one grant is offered annually.

Current guidelines and the application form are available for download here.

Grant Guidelines

Grant Application Form

For more information contact Environmental Education Officer on 9411 3556.


World Environment Day Primary Schools Festival June 2017

Applications for 2017 are now closed.

The City in partnership with the Cockburn Wetlands Precinct (Wetlands Education Centre Inc., Native ARC Inc. and 1st Bibra Lake Scouts invite primary schools in Cockburn to apply for the 2017 World Environment Day Primary Schools Festival. The festival is a day packed full of fun and interactive environmental education activities including wildlife encounters, tree planting, aboriginal adventures and more!

FREE entry and travel to all schools!

The application form is available for download here.

Application Form

For more information contact us on 9411 3556.


Sustainability and Early Childhood - Little Green Steps WA

Continuing a successful partnership with the City of Cockburn, Little Green Steps WA (LGSWA) works with early childhood services within the City to help children embrace the concept of sustainability from the onset while assisting both adults and children to actively contribute to a sustainable future. The City of Cockburn funds LGSWA to provide fully subsidised sustainability workshops for early childhood teachers and educators, exploring:

  • What sustainability means
  • strategies for reducing waste;
  • ways to reduce energy and water use;
  • green cleaning &;
  • learning from many cultures

2017 Workshops

Click on the following workshops for further details and registration information.

LGSWA work with long day care centres, family day care, in home day care, kindergartens, pre-primaries, playgroups and all other services involved with young children.


Environmental Education Initiatives for Primary Schools Program

Currently under review! For more information please contact the City's Environmental Education Officer on 9411 3556. 

The City of Cockburn is pleased to offer local primary schools a range of environmental education for sustainability initiatives to assist teachers to deliver best practice education linked to the current curriculum. We live in a great City that is unique and proud of its many local environmental assets such as wetlands, bushlands and wonderful coastal and marine environments.

Activities and field trips can be selected from 4 main themes:

  • Biodiversity
  • Climate Change 
  • Resource Use
  • Liveable Communities 

Have a look at our Environmental Education Initiatives brochure here.

We can tailor activities to your needs so please call the City to discuss.

For more information contact Environmental Education Officer on 9411 3444. 


Turtle Watch

Oblong turtles inhabit the wetlands of the Perth Metropolitan Area. Their wellbeing is of increasing concern to the community, in relation to habitat loss, road deaths, predation and climate change (Bartholomaeus, 2012; Sinclair, 2010; Tate, 2009). In 2005, City of Stirling community members expressed concern about the turtle population of their local lakes. Following stakeholder consultation, a Community Conservation Grant for a trial breeding bank for the turtles was submitted and approved.

This project, known as Turtle Watch 1, was conducted from March 2006 to February 2008. Although a suitable nesting site for the Oblong Turtle was provided, the site was not safe due to predation (Lewis, Baudains, & Mansfield, 2008a, 2008b; Lewis, Baudains, & Mansfield, 2009). Thirty one predated turtle nests were found in the trial site, with no live hatchlings observed.

The predation findings were addressed by a subsequent study, undertaken by the Australian Association for Environmental Education C WA Chapter (AAEE-WA). This project, known as Turtle Watch 2, commenced in April 2011 and will conclude this year. Funded by Lotterywest and AAEE-WA, the aims of Turtle Watch 2 are:

  1. Identify predator/s involved in the destruction of oblong turtle nests at three sites C Herdsman Lake, Bibra Lake and Canning River; and 
  2. Foster partnerships between the community, research organizations, educational institutions and industry in relation to the conservation of oblong turtles.

Interim Turtle Watch 2 findings include:

1. Camera surveillance of nesting sites provided some evidence of fox predation;

2. New partnerships for the conservation of the oblong turtle established, for example, between CimateWatch, Murdoch University, University of Western Australia and the Turtle Oblonga Rescue and Rehabilitation Network;

3. Six community turtle education sessions were conducted, at the Cockburn Wetlands Education Centre (CWEC), Canning River Eco Education Centre (CREEC) and Herdsman Lake Wildlife Centre (HLWC); and

4. Numerous initiatives to promote publicity about the plight of oblong turtles, such as bookmarks, posters and newspaper articles.

Community members can be participate as citizen scientists for Turtle Watch 2 by reporting oblong turtle sightings.

Visit ClimateWatch to log turtle sightings. Alternatively, community members may register sightings at their nearest eco centre:

  • Cockburn Wetlands Education Centre 9417 8460
  • Canning River Eco Education Centre 9461 7160
  • Herdsman Lake Wildlife Centre 9387 6079
  • South East Regional Council for Urban Landcare 9458 5664

Such participation is contributing to improved knowledge and action in relation to oblong turtle conservation.

Click here for more information or view the Turtle watch Newsletters below.

Turtle Watch Newsletters

No. 1 Apr 2011 No.2 May 2011 No. 3 Jun 2011 No. 4 Jul 2011
No.5 Aug 2011 No.6 Sep 2011 No. 7 Oct 2011 No. 8 Nov 2011
No.9 Dec 2011 No. 10 Jan 2011 No. 11 Feb 2012

Adopt-a-Spot Program

Keep Australia Beautiful WA (KAB WA) recently launched the community litter prevention program 'Adopt-a-Spot', which encourages individuals, community groups and businesses to 'adopt' a site in their local community. KAB and the City of Cockburn need the community's help in the fight against litter.

Adopt a Spot Logo

Five groups have already adopted a spot in the City, and to 'adopt your local spot' visit or
phone (08) 6467 5122

Feed a Bird, How Absurd!Feed a Bird, How Absurd Brochure Logo

When we feed birds in our local wetlands we can unintentionally harm them and pollute their homes. Water birds in particular are adapted to their watery homes with specialised beaks or bills for feeding. Foot design can also tell us a lot about a birds diet. Wild birds are meant to look after themselves for a number of reasons relating to their health, survival and their natural environment. 

For further information open up the brochure to see what steps you can take to interact with local birds and not interfere with them or their homes! Print off the poster an hang it up in your office or local meeting place to educate others on this issue!

Waste Recovery Park Tours 

These school tours are a great way to find out exactly what happens to the waste you produce. Discover the amazing ins and outs of our waste stream by taking a Recovery Park Tour. Tour components include;

  • Waste minimisation and resource recovery
  • Understanding landfill - Why we still landfill, how landfills are designed and how they function including methane  gas and leachate extraction
  • The Domestic Transfer Station - where goods are recovered to then be reused, on-sold or recycled (rather than being landfilled!)
  • Waste Gas to Energy - Methane Gas Capture, Extraction and Use back into the electricity grid as energy
  • Recycle Shop - recovered materials shop with quality goods made of recycled stuff!
  • Tours take place on Friday mornings. To register call 9411 3444 or contact

Come and learn how waste and energy can be recovered to minimise our environmental impact and to battle climate change! 

WANT TO LEARN MORE? Click here for more information on what you can do!


School Holidays Environmental Education Programs

Wildlife Education & Encounters

Join Native ARC and City of Cockburn these school holidays for some exciting wildlife and nature-based kids programs! Registration and parental supervision is essential for all events. Further details.

Click here  for July Holiday Program.

Cockatoo KIDS Club

Cockatoo KIDS Club is for all kids who enjoy getting outdoors and are 'Wild about Wildlife!' Sessions take place on Fridays in the holidays at Native ARC and also at Canning River Eco-Education Centre. Further details

Click here for July Holiday Program (members only)

Get Wild About Wetlands

There are lots of exciting education sessions that make up the Get Wild About Wetlands school holiday program. Join us for an eco-walk, talk or night stalk! At the Cockburn Wetlands Education Centre. Be quick as sessions book out fast! Registrations essential. 

Click here for July holiday program.

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