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Greening Plan: Update


There has been great community interest in the progress of the proposed Greening Plan. Council resolved at the January 2001 Meeting to adopt the draft Greening Plan document, advertising for public comment.

The advertising period will last for eight (8) weeks to allow the community plenty of time to read, digest and comment on the detailed document.

Council resolved to appoint consultants Alan Tingay and Associates to undertake the Greening Plan study in January 1999. The project was the key initiative of the Arboricultural Advisory Committee. The aim was to develop a detailed plan for the maintenance and enhancement of remnant vegetation within the City, and the revegetation of previously cleared areas, road reserves and public land to enhance ecological values, landscape, streetscape and community amenity.

In developing the draft Greening Plan, there has been extensive public consultation, including the development of a Greening Plan Steering Committee, which consisted mainly of ratepayers and interested community members, and Council Officers.

In summary, the draft report covers the following areas:

  1. What is a Greening Plan, and the methodology used;
  2. The existing environment, including Heritage and social values such as Aboriginal and municipal heritage; and community and recreational values;
  3. Environmental and landscape attributes, including landforms, landscapes, soils, wetlands, bushland and fauna;
  4. Existing Streetscapes;
  5. Objectives of the Greening Plan and Implementation including strategic, operational, monitoring and review, research, resourcing and links with other Councils;
  6. Recommendations.

If you have any queries please contact Council's Environmental Services on 9411 3441 or Council's Parks Department on 9411 3476.

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Figure Description

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Fig 2 - Topography

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Fig 5e - Bushland Areas at Risk of Development

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Fig 3 - Landscape Analysis

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Fig 5f - Bushland Reserves & Possible Future development

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Fig 4 - Wetlands

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Fig 6 - Characteristics Plan

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Fig 5a - Remnant Vegetation

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Fig 7 - Bushland Corridors

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Fig 5b - Vegetation Complexes

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Fig 8 - Streetscape Themes

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Fig 5c - Vegetation Condition

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Fig 9 - Combined Bushland Corridors & Streetscape Plan

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Fig 5d - Protected Bushland Areas

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