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Nature Reserves in Cockburn

Mainning Lake Reserve | Bibra Lake | Denis de Young Reserve
Redemptora Reserve


Manning Lake Reserve

Manning Lake Reserve is one of City of Cockburn's natural conservation reserves situated near the coast. The reserve encompasses Manning Lake and the limestone ridge to the west of the wetland.

There are a wide array of plants and animals which inhabit the bushland areas. Plants of Manning Lake Bushland range from the wetland dependent vegetation such as Freshwater Paperbark (Melaleuca rhapiophylla and Baumea juncea) to the upland vegetation such as the Chenille Honey Myrtle (Melaleuca huegelii) and Parrot bush (Dryandra sessilis).

Native fauna found in Manning Lake includes a range of frogs, reptiles and birds. These include examples such as the Motorbike Frog (Littoria moorei), Western Bluetongue (Tiliqua rugosa rugosa) and Sacred Ibis (Threskiornis aethiopica).

The close proximity of this natural area to the community provides opportunities for Cockburn residents and others to enjoy this natural asset in their backyard. The community can play a role in the management of this area, and have an input in the development of the Coastal Works Plan which will provide direction for the future of the area.


To maintain the Manning Reserve there is a need to reduce impacts on the bushland. These include activities such as illegal vehicle access, rubbish dumping, and taking of wildlife. There are also those activities which have an impact on the environment because we dont know any better, and things we can do to help with environment.

Illegal 4 X 4 and trail bike riders
These activities can damage vegetation, spread weeds and harm native wildlife. If you see these vehicles in the reserve you can best help by recording the date, time, vehicle description, licence or address of the offending driver and notify the
Rangers Department of the City of Cockburn.

Dogs off leashes
There are parts of Manning Lake where dogs are not allowed off the leash. Free running dogs can frighten waterbirds and possibly harm wildlife. Manning Lake is unique: people can walk their dog and observe the native wildlife. Lets keep this unique situation intact.

Rubbish dumping
Rubbish dumping within natural areas such as Manning Lake is not only unsightly, it also damages the vegetation and spreads weeds. This is especially the case if the rubbish consists of weeds and lawn clippings. If you see these vehicles in the reserve you can best help by recording the date, time, vehicle description and licence, or the address of the person and notify the
Rangers Department of the City of Cockburn.

You can also help by participating in Keep Australia Beautiful Day which is held annually.

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Bibra Lake

Bibra Lake is situated in the north of Cockburn on Progress Drive. It is part of the Beeliar Regional Park and is also a Bush Forever site. It has environmental, heritage and recreational values.  


Bibra Lake is regarded as a scared site by the indigenous community. Historically, Aborigines used the Lake and its surrounds for camping, teaching and spiritual activities.


Bibra Lake is highly accessible for all.  Take a stroll along the network of limestone dual paths provided with your dogs on a lead or go for a ride on your bike.  There are playgrounds for the children and open grassland for a picnic or BBQ to enjoy with your family and friends.  Toilet and drinking facilities are available on site. 


There is a bird hide situated on the eastern side of the Lake near the dual use path.  This is a perfect spot to take out the binoculars and look for a variety of birds including black swans, Australasian Shoveler and many more.  Frog calls will often accompany you as you while away the hours.      


Cockburn Wetlands Education Centre


At the Cockburn Wetlands Education Centre, on Hope Road, there are many community and volunteer activities you can get involved in.  Activities can include helping with revegetation; educating the community (or learning yourself) about looking after the natural environment; and teaching people about the history and culture of Bibra Lake.  Regular school holiday programs are provided for the kids. Check out the Centre's website for more details about how you might like to get involved :  



Native ARC Animal Rehabilitation


Volunteering is also available at the Native ARC Animal Rehabilitation Centre - also on Hope Road.  The Centre provides help for sick and injured wildlife.  For more information take a look at their website:



To help protect Bibra Lake for the enjoyment of future generations please keep on the paths provided, throw rubbish away in bins provided and keep dogs on leads at all times.


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Denis de Young Reserve

Denis de Young Reserve in Banjup is an 84ha conservation reserve containing remnant Banksia woodland and Melaleuca Paperbark dampland communities. It is a recognised Bush Forever site. The biodiversity value of the Park is amazing with over 300 species of plants, some of which are rare.  The reserve potentially provides refuge and habitat for over 150 animal species.  It is a great place to visit all year round - especially during spring when wildflowers are abundant.

Denis de Young offers a variety of recreational uses such as walking, bird watching and wildflower spotting.  Some species of fauna you may encounter are the Southern Brown Bandicoot, Grey Kangaroo and many types of lizard.  Birds include New Holland Honeyeater, Fairy wren and the Silvereye.

The City of Cockburn actively manages Denis de Young (and 1200ha of other reserves in Cockburn) by doing the following:

  1. Consistent weed control
  2. Weed and vegetation condition mapping
  3. Dieback management
  4. Direct seeding trials (2005)
  5. Rabbit proof fencing
  6. Fauna surveys and monitoring
  7. Community wildflower walks and night stalks 

If the paths are not used there is a risk of spreading dieback disease in the natural woodland.  Please always keep dogs on leads.  Horse-riding, 4WD's and trail bikes are not permitted in the reserve.

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Redemptora Reserve

Redemptora Reserve is a small (less than 4ha) reserve situated on a rise near the coast.  The views are spectacular from this reserve on Redemptora Road in Henderson, despite being surrounded by ship building industries. 

The reserve provides a good representation of the low coastal heath that once dominated this area.  This small remnant is important as it still supplies habitat for an assortment of creatures including Bandicoots, lizards, birds and snakes.

The City manages this reserve by:

  1. Constructing walking paths that double as fire-breaks and help reduce the spread of diseases such as dieback
  2. Maintaining and repairing fences
  3. Working with partners such as Chevron who have installed a rabbit proof fence on the SE edge
  4. Weed control and weed mapping
  5. Revegetation

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