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Renewable Energy in Cockburn

Solar at Home | Wind Energy | Methane from Waste

The City of Cockburn is leading the way in renewable energy.

Since 2009 the City has been harnessing power from the Sun with the installation of over 1000 photovoltaic panels on community buildings producing clean energy in our community.

Renewable energy is also produced at the Henderson Waste Recovery Plant by methane extraction and flaring, which not only reduces emissions but manages our waste more sustainably. The three generators at the methane extraction plant generate enough electricity to power over 3,000 homes.


Cockburn chooses geothermal for new centre

The City of Cockburn has given the green light for a geothermal system to heat the pools at the new Cockburn Aquatic and Recreation Facility in Cockburn Central West.

In June 2015, Council awarded the $3.5million (GST inclusive) geothermal contract for the project to Drilling Contractors Australia.

The geothermal system is estimated to produce an annual saving of $435,000 compared with traditional boilers and provides a 72 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, a saving of 492 tonnes of CO2 per annum, said City of Cockburn Mayor Logan Howlett.

The state-of-the art sporting complex will provide a full range of aquatic and indoor and outdoor sporting and health facilities to meet the needs of the entire region, as well as providing an elite training facility and headquarters for the Fremantle Dockers and a university.

Completion of the centre is due in March/April 2017.

Solar Powered Electric Vehicles

TWO electric vehicles charging stations are now operating at the City of Cockburns carpark on Coleville Crescent in Spearwood, with two more points soon to be available at Success Library in Cockburn Central.

 The power used by the charging stations is 100 per cent offset through solar panels on the Citys buildings, Mayor Howlett said.

The perceived lack of an easily available charging network can put people off buying an EV, so we are happy to be able to provide these stations. They are available during our office and community facility opening hours at no cost for the power.

The stations can charge an electric vehicle (EV) to about 50 per cent within the two hour parking time limit for each bay. City of Cockburn Mayor Logan Howlett said making the charging stations available to the community is part of the Citys ongoing commitment to sustainability.
The City has fully funded the installation and operation of the charging stations in Spearwood. The Renewable Energy Vehicle (REV) Project team, sponsored by the Royal Automobile Club of WA (RAC) and University of Western Australia (UWA), has donated the charge points for the Cockburn Central site with the City to cover the cost of installation and power connection.  
For further information call 9411 3444 or email

Coogee Hybrid Wind and Solar Light 

The Coogee Surf Life Saving Club now has a hybrid wind and solar light. This is a free standing structure comprised of both a vertical axis wind turbine and a solar panel - both functioning to power the LED light.

Wondering why the turbine sometimes does not spin even when the wind is blowing? Click here to find out.

New Target for Renewable Energy 

The City of Cockburn has set a Renewable Energy Target, which was endorsed by Council at its March 2013 meeting. The challenging but achievable target of 20% renewable energy by 2020 has been set for all Council buildings.

The City of Cockburn is well positioned to take advantage of its sunny and windy location and utilize these for renewable energy generation.

The benefits of embracing renewable energy include reducing electricity costs, long term GHG reductions and raising awareness of energy issues throughout the community.

The new target is now aligned with the Federal Governments Renewable Energy Target and demonstrates the City's commitment to embracing a new energy future.

Renewable Energy Policy

A Renewable Energy Policy was developed by the City in 2011 to provide guidance to residents and businesses on the approval requirements for wind turbines and solar photovoltaic systems.                                          

The policy outlines the City's expectations on the installation and operation of renewable energy systems and provides a set of standards to minimise their impact on the streetscape, nearby properties and natural environment.

Renewable energy contines to grow in popularity in Cockburn with the rising costs of energy in Western Australia and continuing advances in technology. Council has been at the forefront of these developments with the installation of solar energy systems on many of its community facilities.

Visit the City's Renewable Energy Policy  for further details.

Renewable Art Exhibition a success - Public Art Sculpture Installed!

The City of Cockburn is proud to have hosted Future Generation, a renewable energy art exhibition showcasing visions of a sustainable future in the City.

The exhibition featured local artists' models of renewable energy art with one piece chosen to be commissioned as a piece of public art at the Spearwood SkatePark!  




Cockburn Wins National Energy Innovation Award

The City of Cockburn has won the national Australian Sustainable Cities Award 2012.

Keep Australia Beautiful revealed the City of Cockburn as the national winner in an awards ceremony held in Sydney, 29 November 2012

In addition to winning the overall title, the City also won category awards for Energy Innovation and for Community Action and Partnerships.

"People living in Cockburn should be proud of the achievements which this award represents," said Mayor Howlett.

"The path to sustainability is long but we are well on our way. For example, Cockburn already produces its own energy from the sun with the installation of nearly 600 solar photovoltaic panels on ten community buildings," said Mayor Howlett.

99kW Solar PV System for Cockburn

We are excited to announce that the City of Cockburn has just committed to installing one of the largest photovoltaic systems in the Perth metropolitan area. A 99kW system will be installed on the Cockburn Intergrated Health and Community Centre and will cover one third of the centre's roof with 423 solar photovoltaic panels.

The system is expected to generate 173 megawatt hours per annum and will dramatically reduce the centre's greenhouse gas emissions by more than 171 tonnes in the first year and 4284 tonnes over its projected life time.

The completion of this system in June 2014 will see a total of 1022 solar panels producing clean energy from council buildings. Together these panels will avoid approximately 200 tonnes of CO2 annually and produce enough energy to power 37 houses each year! 


New brochure - Is Solar Energy Right for You?

The City has published a new brochure on photovoltaic systems covering up-to-date information on panel types, subsidies, rebates and a handy checklist.

Click to Download the Brochure

For direct links to useful websites mentioned in the brochure see below.


For information on rebates and incentives visit the following websites: 

- Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme (REBS)                     - WA Feed-in Tariff visit the Public Utilities Office at         - Solar Credits Scheme

For information relating to energy reduction and emsisions avoided from solar power energy production visit the Clean Energy Council at

Other useful links:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Solar Energy for your Home

The City of Cockburn strongly encourages sustainable living. You can generate free solar electricity from your own roof with a photovoltaic system.  Planning approval and building licenses are generally not required unless you are altering the structure of your roof or the building is heritage listed. If you are unsure, please contact the Citys building services.

Wind Energy

A small wind turbine testing facility is currently being run at the Henderson Waster Recovery Park in Cockburn by Murdoch University who are testing the performance, noise and durability of wind turbines.

See also above, the City's new hybrid wind and solar light, a free standing structure at the Coogee Beach Surf Life Saving Club.

Wind Mapping

Two maps and a series of wind resource reports have also been developed by the City of Cockburn in conjunction with Murdoch University to help residents and local business assess whether their area may be suitable for wind turbines.

These wind maps and reports are available on the Citys Interactive Mapping System. Simply click on IntraMaps and scroll down to wind mapping module. To access a wind resource report select a particular property and click on Wind Mapping Report.
(note: there are 204 reports, one for each grid).

Energy from Waste

Renewable energy is produced at the Henderson Waste Recovery Park by methane extraction and flaring. The recent addition of a third generator from Waste Gas Resources (WGR) means that energy can be generated by methane from landfill at the Henderson Waste Recovery Park.

The third generator has increased capacity by 33 per cent, allowing the methane extraction plant to generate 3.195 megawatts to power more than 3300 homes via Synergy's main electricity grid.

The technology has a two-fold benefit by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and manages our waste in a more sustainable way.

The new unit will reduce an additional 35,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide-equivalents each year.

City of Cockburn's Solar Buildings

Currently the City has:

  • 1230 Solar Photovoltaic panels
  • installed across 13 community buildings
  • equating to 235kW of Solar PV systems
  • Producing enough power for 59 family homes

The Cockburn Youth Centre was our first solar building, followed by the Spearwood Library, Henderson Waste Recovery Park, Atwell Community Centre, Coolbellup Community Hub and Jean Willis Centre, Cockburn Wetlands Education Centre, Seniors Centre, Success Regional Sporting Facility, Emergency Services Headquarters, the Success Integrated Community Facility and Memorial Hall. 

Live Data Info

Live information on the energy produced and emissions saved by these facilities can be accessed by clicking on the Linked details below.

 Spearwood Library

Spearwood Library Solar Panels

10.5 kW
Photovoltaic System


Henderson Waste Recovery Park

Henderson Waste Recovery Park Solar Panels

Photovoltaic System


Coolbellup Community Hub

Coolbellup Community Hub Solar Panels

Photovoltaic System


Cockburn Wetlands Education Centre

Photovoltaic Systems

Cockburn Youth Centre

Youth Centre Solar Panels

32.75 kW

Atwell Community Centre

Atwell Community Centre Solar Panels

3.04kW Photovoltaic System


Jean Willis Centre

Jean Willis Centre Solar Panels

6.9kW Photovoltaic System


Seniors Centre

Seniors Centre Solar Panels

9kW Photovoltaic System


Success Regional Sports Facility

Success Regional Sports Facility - Solar Panels

11.5kW Photovoltaic System


Emergency Services HQ

Emergency Services HQ

20kW Photovoltaic System

Native Arc

1.8kW Photovoltaic System

Memorial Hall

3.5kW Photovoltaic System

Cockburn Integrated Health Facility

99kW Photovoltaic System