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Industrial Premises

With climate change and the environment becoming an area of increasing concern within the community, a new industrial premises program has been launched by the City to guide local industry towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.


The survey will assess environmental performance and compliance with local and environmental law and will extend to include all industrial premises in Cockburn.

In addition to identifying premises that do not comply with minimum standards, the key aims of the program are to provide industry with assistance in preparation for climate change and the provision of information on sustainability initiatives such as minimising waste and recycling.


1.  Abrasive blasting/spray painting

All abrasive blasting/spray painting operations must be carried out inside an approved enclosure which prevents dust or overspray entering the environment.  A breach of the Environmental Protection (Unauthorised Discharges) Regulations 2004 can be deemed where a negative impact on the environment is identified.

Applicable legislation that must be complied with are:

2.  Paving/draining and storage on unsealed land

All trafficable and storage areas must be suitably paved and drained to ensure stormwater is contained on site and no dust nuisance occurs.

3.  House keeping and Spillages

Sites must be kept tidy to prevent the risk of accidents.  Spillages may be liable to fines, and/or the site being classified as a contaminated site.

4.  Liquid storage

Liquids must be stored appropriately to prevent accidental spills from entering the environment.


5.  Waste and recycling

All industrial sites are now entitled to a recycling bin.  All wastes classed as a controlled waste must be collected and disposed of by a licensed controlled waste contractor.  Wastes must be stored inside buildings or an approved enclosure.

6.  Washing down of vehicles/plant/equipment

Washing down is not permitted unless the area is connected to sewer or an approval has been granted by the City for the on-site disposal of waste water.  Please refer to documents in the Washdown Bay Package below:

7.  Verge parking

All parking must be accommodated on site.

8.  Landscaping

Landscaping must be suitably installed and maintained in accordance with the City's Town Planning Scheme.

9.  Burning vegetation and/or waste

Burning of waste and vegetation is not permitted.

10.  Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) registration and licences

Some high impact activities require a registration/licence from the DEC.  Please refer to the DEC website link under "More info".

11.  Unapproved structures

All buildings require approval from the City of Cockburn.

12.  Transportable/Non-Permanent Structures

Transportable or non-permanent structures may only be approved for a period of up to 12 months.

13.  New Business and Change of Use

If you are opening a new business or leasing a premises to a new tenant it is wise to check that the property's planning approval permits the proposed activities on the site.

You may wish to contact the City's Statutory Planning Service to find out more on 9411 3579. Change of use Information Sheet No 10 can be found at:

 For more information, please refer to the following information notes: