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Port Coogee Non Potable Water Supply Scheme

A non-potable water supply scheme has been implement within the Port Coogee development to manage the groundwater quality enter the Marina and reduce the potable water demand.  The scheme is only available to the residents within the Port Coogee development for the purposes of irrigating landscaped gardens within their lot boundary and adjacent verge.  The non-potable water supply is not suitable for drinking.

How the Supply Scheme Works

The non-potable water is sourced from a Ground Water Intercepting Drain (GID) located under Orsino Boulevard. The intercepted water is pumped to a large underground storage tank residing under the surface of Lucretia Park. This non potable water supply is then available for demand by the residential property owners connected to the scheme and the irrigated public open spaces and streetscapes. Any excess water sourced from the GID is reinjected into the aquifer north of the Port Coogee development through reinjection bores. 

Benefits of the Supply Scheme

The scheme is an innovative and integrated management approach to utilise groundwater for the irrigation of the public opens space, streetscapes and residential property within the Port Coogee community. The intercepted groundwater is flowing to the coast with elevated levels of nutrient as a result of the market garden operations to the east of the Port Coogee Development. Intercepting and utilising this water provides a number of environment and sustainability benefits including:

  • Mitigating high levels of nutrient flowing into the Marina
  • Reduced risk of algal blooms in the Marina Reduced reliance on scheme water
  • Offset fertiliser applications to public open space and streetscapes

Supply Scheme System Water Quality

At the inception of the Non Potable Water Supply Scheme there was a need to ensure that the water quality did not fall below acceptable standards due to potential contaminants in the groundwater. For this reason a series of safeguards were implemented including monthly sampling, the requirement for an annual contract between the service provider and the user, and regular reminders about how the scheme operates and that the water is not potable.

Over the past six years the scheme has operated with almost zero problems and the water quality has proven to be safe and stable. For these reasons the City has reduced the level of compliance associated with the scheme mainly because the safeguards are no longer necessary but also to reduce costs to enable the City to continue to provide the service free of extra charge. The same non-potable scheme water is used in the parks and verges throughout Port Coogee and will be sampled twice a year for a range of criteria to ensure that it remains safe to use.

In the very unlikely event that the water is found to be contaminated then the supply will be disconnected until sampling indicates that the water is safe.


Operating Schedule & Rules

The supply scheme operates in accordance with the terms and conditions of the licence to take Water granted by the Department of Water and section 5C of the Rights and Water and Irrigation Act 1914.
The system operates from September through to May each year in accordance with the Water Corporations winter sprinkler ban period.  The system is shut down during the winter period (June, July and August) to undertaken repairs and maintenance.
In accordance with Water Corporations current bore roster, connected properties will be able to irrigate 3 times per week before 9am or after 6pm on the days designated for that property number.  Any amendments to the Water Corporations regulations on water restriction will be updated on this webpage with all connected property owners required to comply. Property owners will be liable for any fine issued by the Water Corporation for use of the system outside the regulated days of use.
As with all mechanical systems there is potential for the system to fail however a number of safety mechanism are installed to protect the systems integrity. The system operating status will be displayed on this webpage:




Availability of the Scheme

The scheme will now be operated without annual contracts between the service provider and the user, and with information largely provided via the Citys web site and the annual rates notice.

The schemes infrastructure is located just inside the property boundary on the opposite side to the Water Corporations water meter (potable supply). Any resident considering connecting to the system will need their building plans to document the non-potable and potable supply infrastructure to ensure future access to the system is not compromised. Any building or hard landscaping material obstructing the connection will need to be relocated prior to connection with all works and costs being borne by the property owner.

Connection to the non-potable water supply system will be facilitated by a licensed plumber and comply with Australian Standards AS 3500. An approved water meter will installed by the City upon notification of building occupancy and installation of domestic irrigation infrastructure is ready for connection. The property owner will be responsible for maintaining the irrigation infrastructure and keeping it in good working order to receive the water supply.  The property owner will be responsible for informing and providing updates about the Non-potable Water Supply Scheme to existing and new tenants.

The non-potable water supply scheme is to only be used for the irrigation of landscaping within residential property and adjacent verge.

If you are a resident of Port Coogee and would like to receive further information or wish to make application to connect to the Non-Potable Water Supply Scheme please send an email to us today.

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