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A verge is the portion of land, which lies between a road and an adjacent property line.

Verges have the potential to serve important ecological functions in urban environments.

The verge remains the property of the Crown, but is a shared resource and is used in a number of different ways.


Street Verge Improvement Policy

Street Verge Improvement Brochure

Street Tree Information

Verge Landscaping - Application Form

Phone: 08 9411 3444

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Street Verge Brochure - click to read more


Verge Maintenance

While verges remain the property of the Crown, their responsibility is vested with the City of Cockburn.

The City relies on each person maintaining the verge at the front or side of their property. Verge maintenance by Council is limited to pruning of street trees and slashing grass carried out by request, up to 4 times per year.  This helps to prevent a fire hazards. Any further improvement is to be undertaken by the property owner and adds to the aesthetics of the property.

It is not possible for Council to control weed growth by mechanical means, so where they become a problem weeds along footpaths and kerbs are sprayed. The chemical used is glyshophate, which is a non-residual that kills the weed by absorption through the leaves and transferring to the root system. This spray retails as "Zero" in the shops.

Every endeavour is made not to spray verges that are well maintained, but sometimes this inadvertently happens. If you wish, your well-maintained verge can be added to a list of properties not to be sprayed.

Street Verge Improvement Policy and Brochure

The City of Cockburn recognises that road reserves form a significant proportion of public open space available to ratepayers for improving their streetscape and property value.

Council has developed a policy to assist ratepayers in undertaking works on street verges.

A simple brochure, outlining what can and can't be done to improve street verges.  Documents available above.

Green Links Program

The City has a number of programs, which support residents in improving their verges. More information on the program can be found at:

Sample Verge Treatments

The City has designed a number of sample verges, to give guidance on permissible improvements.  These guidelines will be published here shortly.



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