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Off-Road Vehicles

The City of Cockburn has no permitted areas designated for off road vehicle use.

The Coastal Park Motorcycle Club, located on Cockburn Road in Henderson, is considered the best facilitated track for off-road motorbikes in Western Australia. Visit their website for up to date information on meeting and contact details.

Legally riding your off-road vehicles

Off Road Trail bikes and vehicles can only be used on private land (with the owner's or occupier's consent, provided there are no breaches to existing local health laws, such as noise and sand drift/dust) or on areas permitted within relevant legislation.

Care must be exercised when using trail bikes and off road vehicles. Rangers and the Police are authorised to ensure compliance with the relevant legislation.

Off road vehicles must:

  • Be registered under the Control of Vehicles (Off-Road Areas) legislation.
  • Have registration certificate number plates clearly displayed.
  • Comply with the prescribed safety and noise standards.
  • Not be driven by children under eight years of age (Children driving vehicles should always be supervised by a responsible adult).
  • Be driven by riders wearing protective helmets.

Reporting illegal motorbike activity

  1. Call police on 131 444 if bikes are seen on any public roads, verges or footpaths.
  2. For Off Road Vehicles observed on public reserves please call the Citys Ranger Services on 9411 3444 during normal operating hours.
  3. For detection outside of these time please call the Citys Safety and Security Service CoSafe on 1300 26 72 33 and they will observe and report the incident to the Rangers the following morning. Please note that CoSafe is not authorised to deal with motorbike issues.
  4. Any information that can be collated such as colour of bikes, helmets, possible addresses, registration plates, or peculiar markings may will assist in detecting these parties, please also note  the time and day of which you observed the actions.


Off road vehicles

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