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Local Government Boundaries - FAQs and Information

Community Rejects Boundary change pie chart - 64.2% YES - 17.5% - NO - 18.3% INDIFFERENT

What is happening with Hamilton Hill and North Coogee?

A small number of residents have submitted a proposal to the Local Government Advisory Board (LGAB), proposing that the suburbs of Hamilton Hill and part of North Coogee (between South Beach and Port Coogee) be handed over to the City of Fremantle.

This now requires a formal inquiry process by the LGAB.

What does the Cockburn Council think about this?

Cockburn Council formally opposes this proposal. See below for some of the reasons why.

Can I have my say?


1. You can make your own submission to the local Government Advisory Board from 1 September 13 October by post or in email.

Mr Mel Congerton
Chair, Local Government Advisory Board
Department of Local Government and Communities
GPO Box R1250

Or via email: to

Stating that you wish to comment on the Greater Fremantle Proposal. See below for reasons why Council opposes this proposal if you wish for some assistance on what you might like to include.

2. The LGAB has called a public meeting.

  • DATE: Wednesday 5 October 
  • TIME: 7.00pm 
  • LOCATION:  PCYC, Progress Hall, Paget Street, Hilton.

The City of Cockburn will write a submission to the LGAB outlining why it believes North Coogee and Hamilton Hill should remain in the City of Cockburn.

We anticipate that the LGAB will make a recommendation to the Minister for Local Government around November/December and hope for a decision by the Minister in December 2016.


Poll rejects boundary takeover

The City conducted (7 July 2016) a Reachtel telephone poll of 711 residents in North Coogee and Hamilton Hill. The majority of residents (64.2%) said that they wished to remain in the City of Cockburn.  In 2009, the City had also conducted a referendum of residents whether it should merge with the City of Fremantle and that too had been rejected by 65% of voters.

As a clear majority of residents wish to remain in the City of Cockburn, the City will be seeking for the boundary takeover to be rejected. 
What happens now?

The City will write to residents of North Coogee and Hamilton Hill in September to advise them of their options. We will advertise in the local newspaper and keep this website page up-to-date.

Why does Cockburn Council believe that Hamilton Hill and North Coogee should remain in the City of Cockburn?

Sense of Place

Hamilton Hill and North Coogee are proudly part of Cockburns traditions and history, with its long-standing families and newcomers adding to the attraction of living there.  Cockburn has been active in its efforts to lift the standing of these suburbs, with plans adopted for each.

Details can be found on the Planning Projects page.

Strong Economic Reasons not to proceed

There are strong economic reasons not to proceed with the Greater Fremantle Proposal. The Greater Fremantle proposal suggests that the additional rate income from properties in North Fremantle and Hamilton Hill will assist to make the City of Fremantle more viable:


Under the Greater Fremantle proposal, the City of Fremantle would receive a portion of the City of Cockburns debt associated with the South Metropolitan Regional Council (linked to population) and part of the debt associated with the Cockburn ARC (the new recreation centre), again linked to growth of Hamilton Hill, Cockburn Coast and North Coogee.


The sheer cost of implementing divestment will run in to the millions. This will be funded by the ratepayer and will take years to claw back.

Promised investment in Hamilton Hill and North Coogee - The City of Cockburn has worked with the community to determine where it will spend its funds. The City of Fremantle is very unlikely to afford the capital investment that the City of Cockburn has promised to the community.

Planned projects in North Coogee and Hamilton Hill 2016-18 include:

  • Simms Road beautification - $400,000 
  • Dixon Reserve upgrades - $250,000 
  • Wheeler Reserve upgrades - $100,000 
  • Hobbs Park upgrades - $90,000 
  • Isted Reserve upgrades - $60,000 
  • Enright Reserve minor works - $10,000 
  • Wally Hagan Basketball Stadium - $100K
  • Wally Hagan Stadium Upgrades and Redevelopment ($5.2million scheduled for 2017/18) 
  • Garden organics bin roll out in Hamilton Hill at no additional cost to residents 2016-17 
  • Southwell Community Centre upgrades - $500,000 (2017-18)
  • North Coogee Foreshore works - $500,000

Service Levels

If the City of Fremantle were to maintain the service levels that the City of Cockburn currently provides in Hamilton Hill and North Coogee and delivered projects that the City of Cockburn has committed to in these areas, they would either:

  • Need to significantly increase rates in these suburbs or;
  • Reduce service levels and not deliver or;
  • Make a loss on running these suburbs which defeats the point of taking the suburbs.

Developer Contributions - The City of Cockburn collects contributions from developers to fund infrastructure. Moving Fremantles boundary over Hamilton Hill and North Coogee would have a negative financial impact on both Fremantle and Cockburn ratepayers e.g. 

Cockburn is in the process of building the $109 Million Cockburn ARC Aquatic and Leisure Centre. The City of Cockburns commitment to the project is $82 Million, of which $35 Million is due to be contributed by Cockburns Development Scheme. Without contributions from Hamilton Hill and North Coogee residents, the remaining residents will have to pick up the shortfall.

The same goes for significant works along Cockburn Coast.  The City of Cockburn has been collecting funds via developer contributions which means that the City of Fremantle would have to find $30M to undertake these works themselves or delay the works for several years.

Historic connections

Hamilton Hill is the historical heart of Cockburn. The Cockburn RSL is based in Hamilton Hill and hold their ANZAC Day services at Memorial Hall in Hamilton Hill. Memorial Hall was built in 1925 by the pioneers of Cockburn. It houses the Citys war memorial and it is where the City of Cockburn and Artzplace holds their annual art show. It is the City of Cockburns cultural hub.

The Greater Fremantle proposal states that they would leave Manning Park within the City of Cockburn due to its historical connections with the City. Yet their proposal does not take in to consideration that Memorial Hall and the Cockburn war Memorial are two of the most historically significant pieces of infrastructure in the City of Cockburn, as well as the fact that the Cockburn RSL would now reside in the City of Fremantle.

Services provided by the City of Cockburn

There are a number of services that are valued by Cockburn residents that the City of Fremantle does not provide. These include:

  • Weekly recycling 
  • CoSafe 24/7 safety and security service
  • Six trailer (tip) passes 
  • Very popular Seniors Centre as this is ratepayer subsidised residents in Hamilton Hill and North Coogee would lose this service.
  • Cockburn Community Care The Citys purpose-built Jean Willis Centre, which includes the Kwobarup Indigenous Centre, provides in home care for 581 elderly residents spread across the District of Cockburn with 107 living in Hamilton Hill, 461 in other suburbs in the City of Cockburn, as well as social clubs during the daytime for seniors and younger people with disabilities who live in Cockburn. This building would be handed over to the City of Fremantle, leaving the City of Cockburn with the burden of building a new purpose built centre.

Isn't there an argument that people in North Coogee and Hamilton Hill associate more with Fremantle, and use facilities in the port City more than Cockburn?

People don't consider local government boundaries if they go shopping or are seeking entertainment options. Local Government borders have to stop somewhere. Of course some Cockburn residents use Fremantle and as a result contribute to the Fremantle economy.  Similarly many Fremantle residents use services in Cockburn, with Spearwood and Coolbellup libraries prominent examples.  They also use Garden City (Melville), Phoenix Shopping Centre and Cockburn Gateway Shopping City.  Where you shop isn't a key consideration.

Will there be any official conversations with the City of Fremantle before the hearing in August?

The Mayor and CEO of both Councils have met to discuss the proposal. While Fremantle Mayor, Brad Pettit, has publicly stated that the proposal will not proceed without the agreement of both Councils, Cockburn has written to Fremantle advising that it will not support the proposed changes.

Cockburn council is allocating $50,000 to counter this proposal? How will this be spent and isn't it a waste of ratepayers money?

Council allocated a nominal amount of up to $50,000 in March 2016 for the purpose of seeking information to support a submission in response to any proposal to annex parts of Cockburn and transfer them to Fremantle.

In contrast to the significant cost of the transfer of two suburbs to a neighbouring Council likely to run into the millions - $50,000 is money well spent, if indeed the City needs to spend it.

Are there any implications for the South Fremantle Power Station redevelopment in North Coogee?

Yes. This location is strategically positioned within the LandCorp development area known as Cockburn Coast. The City of Cockburn has dedicated many years in working collaboratively with LandCorp to advance the objectives of development within that area.

The development of the Cockburn Coast is also highly dependent on the collection of financial contributions from developers for shared infrastructure.  If that area was to be transferred to Fremantle, Cockburns contribution scheme would be significantly impacted and leave a multi-million $ shortfall, which will most likely result in a lengthy delay for that project.

Doesn't it make sense for Fremantle to get more ratepayers?

Fremantle is a city-centric Council and its focus is on revitalising its CBD, less so on its outer suburbs. The CBD development is set to bring in a significant number of new residents to Fremantle and help improve the Citys financial position.


Who can I speak to about this?

City Administration on 9411 3444 and we will direct your call to the most appropriate person.

You can speak to the following Elected Members the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Councillors:

Mayor Logan K Howlett, JP
T: 9411 3420 (direct)
M: 0407 337 650

Deputy Mayor Carol Reeve-Fowkes
M: 0404 111 526

Cr Lyndsey Sweetman
M: 0430 145 543

Cr Kevin Allen
M: 0419 901 735

Further Information

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