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Parent and Child (6 to 36 Months)

Infants classes are designed to be an introduction to the swimming environment for babies and young toddlers. By the use of songs, games and stimulating equipment, infants and their parents are encouraged to experience the water in a safe and enjoyable manner.

Class Duration: 30 Minutes

Class Size: Maximum of 8 infants and 8 parents


Preschool (3 to 3.5 years)

Our Preschool classes are designed to ease the transition between parent-child style swimming classes and independent swimming classes. In preschool classes parents should expect to be in the water for the first 4 to 6 weeks and then to be slowly transitioned out of the water as your child's confidence grows.

Class Duration: 30 Minutes

Class Size: Maximum of 5 students


Penguin (3.5 to 4 years)

Our Penguin classes are designed for students, 3.5 to 4 years, who feel confident enough to be in their swimming lessons without having Mum or Dad in the water. During the Penguin level students will begin to develop the basic submersion, floating and gliding skills required for future stroke development.

Class Duration: 30 Minutes

Class Size: Maximum of 5 students


Dolphin (4 to 6 years)

Our Dolphin classes are designed to continue the development of student's submersion, floating and gliding skills. Students will be assisted by instructors to refine their basic swimming skills while ensuring that correct breathing practices, body position and kicking techniques are developed. Our Dolphin classes will also provide students with an introduction to freestyle arms and breaststroke legs.

Class Duration: 30 Minutes

Class Size: Maximum of 5 students

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Level 1-9

The South Lake Leisure Centre Swim School is a Royal Lifesaving Society accredited swimming program and all levels are instructed following the Royal Lifesaving Society swimming curriculum. The information provided below is a guide to the requirements of each level however for more in depth information regarding your child's level requirements please contact the swim school on 9411 3355.

Level 1

  • Safely enter and exit the water
  • Exhale in water, face submerged
  • Open eyes under water to identify object
  • Submerge (waist deep minimum)
  • Glide forwards and recover (floatation aid acceptable)
  • Float or glide backwards and recover (floatation aid acceptable)
  • Water Safety Sequence 1 

Level 2

  • Glide forwards, kick 3m (correct head & body position)
  • Glide backwards, kick and recover
  • Freestyle 5m (correct head & body position, straight arms)
  • Scull / Tread water (basic hand and leg action)
  • Water Safety Sequence 2

Level 3

  • Freestyle 10m with breathing
  • Glide backwards and kick 5m (waist deep water)
  • Breaststroke leg action 5m (on back with board)
  • Demonstrate survival sculling (on back correct head & body position)
  • Demonstrate forward roll (basic)
  • Water Safety Sequence 3

Level 4

  • Freestyle 15m (regular breathing correct head & body position)
  • Backstroke 10m (correct head & body position)
  • Survival Backstroke 10m (arm recovery below water)
  • Breaststroke 5m (basic, correct head & body position)
  • Scull Head first on back (without leg action)
  • Recover an object (chest deep water)
  • Swim in deep water
  • Water Safety Sequence 4

Level 5

  • Freestyle 25m (correct head & body position and technique)
  • Backstroke 15m (correct head & body position and technique)
  • Survival Backstroke 15m (symmetrical leg action)
  • Breaststroke 15m (symmetrical leg & arm action)
  • Demonstrate a surface dive (shoulder deep and recover an object)
  • Water Safety Sequence 5

Level 6

  • Freestyle 50m (correct technique)
  • Backstroke 25m (correct technique)
  • Survival Backstroke 25m (correct technique)
  • Breaststroke 25m (correct technique)
  • Demonstrate a dive entry (shoulder deep minimum required)
  • Water Safety Sequence 6

Level 7

  • Scull feet first on back (sculling hand action)
  • Demonstrate eggbeater kick (alternating leg action)
  • Swim150m (correct technique Backstroke 25m, Breaststroke 50m,
  • Freestyle 50m, survival backstroke 25m)
  • Water Safety Sequence 7

Level 8

  • Sidestroke 25m (scissor leg action required)
  • Demonstrate Dolphin Kick (basic)
  • Swim 200m (correct technique, Backstroke 50m, Freestyle 50m,
  • Breaststroke 50m, Sidestroke 25m, survival backstroke 25m)
  • Water safety sequence 8

Level 9

  • Butterfly 10m
  • Demonstrate tumble turn (basic)
  • Swim 300m (correct technique) - Freestyle 50m, Breaststroke 50m,
  • Backstroke 50m, Survival Backstroke 50m, Freestyle 50m,
  • Sidestroke 50m
  • Basic principles or DRABCD
  • Water Safety Sequence 9


Class Sizes


Maximum Number
of Students

Class Duration



30 Mins



30 Mins



30 Mins

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Swim and Survive (Level 10-14)

The focus for the Swim and Survive stages is to develop an awareness of rescue techniques, resuscitation methods and survival skills. The skills listed below are a guide to the rescue skills covered in each level.


Level 10

  • Dive entry
  • Survival sculling for set amount of time
  • Survival swim dressed in clothes, various strokes
  • Reach rescue

Level 11

  • Stride entry
  • Somersault forward and backward
  • Clothed swim
  • Throw rescue

Level 12

  • Compact jump
  • Eggbeater kick
  • Clothed swim
  • Rope throw rescue, wade rescue

Level 13

  • Wade rescue
  • Timed tread water
  • 5 minute continuous swim
  • Resuscitation basics
  • Advanced rescues

Level 14 

  • Accompanied rescue
  • Surface dive to retrieve object in deep water
  • Clothed swim
  • Initiatives
  • Defensive position, self preservation methods

Class Duration: 30 Minutes

Class Size: Maximum of 8 students


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Go Swim (Suitable for Level 7 and Above)

Our Go Swim classes are designed to be another option to students, level 7 and above, who are not only looking to continue to improve their stroke technique but also their fitness and endurance. Go Swim classes are non-competitive and are a great way to improve your fitness and meet new friends.  

Class Duration: 30 Minutes or 1 Hour

Class Size: Maximum of 8 students


Adult Classes (Ages 16 and over)

Swimming is a huge part of the Australian culture and is a very enjoyable and rewarding sport and leisure activity. Our adult lessons are designed to assist people, 16 year and over, to fully participate in aquatic activities and to improve their swimming abilities in a safe and non-threatening environment.

Participants in our adult classes work at their own pace to improve their current swimming ability and to achieve their own personal goals.

Class Duration: 1 Hour

Class Size: Maximum of 15 students

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What our customers are saying:

Very nice reception staff and easy to approach teachers. Jack

We have had some amazing teachers recently and have found the Swim School Coordinator great at helping with 1:1 lessons.  Laura
We are very happy after swapping to South Lake. Matt is a fantastic instructor and has really built up my sons confidence in the water. Seth
Everything ! Very happy with Swim School! It has given my daughter so much more confidence in the water. Ella
Everything looks great! Good balance between fun and work. Instructions are given loud and clear. Good progress! Robert

Overall we feel our child has been taught well and we have noticed great improvement. From day 1 we have been very happy with the lessons. Class size is great to. Sophie


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