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City awards active citizenship awards 2015

The City of Cockburn has awarded Cockburns most active citizens with the Active Citizenship Award. The Award recognises outstanding local residents who volunteer toward a good cause.

City of Cockburn Mayor Logan Howlett said the recipients represent Cockburns spirit of generosity. 

The recipients were:

  • Alex Corinaldesi Winner of the Active Citizenship Award for a person under 25 years;
  • Emily Hamilton Winner of the Active Citizenship Award for a person over 25 years; and
  • Darryl Smith on behalf of the Cockburn-Kwinana Community Steering Group Winner of the Active Citizenship Award for a Community Group or Event.

Nomination profiles for each of the recipients is below:


Active citizenship award for a person under 25 years.

Alex is well known to Council for his dedication and hours of volunteering to a variety of groups, committees and organisations since the age of 15.  He is an amazing young man who is an incredible role model for other young people.

Alex is an active member of the Cockburn State Emergency Service, searching for missing people, repairing houses from fire and storm damage and providing security and first aid assistance at community events.
Alex is also an active member of the Cockburn Community Steering Group, giving up what is left of his personal time to attend meetings, events and shopping centre stalls to explain complex issues about Local Government Reform and working tirelessly throughout the campaign.

Alex is also is an active member of the Cockburn Youth Advisory Collective.  This group provides a voice for our local youth and ensures their concerns and needs are communicated to Council. 

Through this group, Alex has been involved in a number of events and maintains a strong presence at the City of Cockburns Youth Centre.


Active Citizenship Award for a person over 25 years

Emily is a volunteer involved in Centrepoint Churchs community arm Beyond the Walls. 

Wanting to transform lives in a practical way, Emily began leading a team of 321 volunteers on a large community project called Love Thy Neighbour who donated just short of 3500 hours of community service hours that included house and yard renovations for 10 very deserving families as well as street clean ups, food hampers, a hospital pamper day for children with cancer and a retirement home honour day, as well as other youth and family events.

Emily is an inspiration to the community and a great role model for our youth.


(Accepted by DARRYL SMITH). Active Citizenship Award for a Community Group or Event 

In November 2013, the State Government advised that it had changed its position on Local Government Reform, then proposing to split the City of Cockburn into three.  Just one day after the announcement, 85 Cockburn community group leaders met to discuss the situation.  From this meeting, the Cockburn-Kwinana Community Steering Group was formed. 

17 Members of this group worked tirelessly, volunteering hundreds of hours each to collect over 12,000 signatures to support their 99 page proposal to the Local Government Advisory Board. 

The group also raised awareness in the community of the importance of sending submissions to the Local Government Advisory Board and were successful in encouraging 11,000 Cockburn related submissions.

In August 2014, the government announced that Cockburn would lose 27% of its northern boundary.  The Steering Group worked on a proposal and gained support from groups and individuals to make submissions which resulted in only 16% of the boundary being lost.

Citizen Award winners with
Mayor Logan Howlett

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