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City Advisory Groups

The City of Cockburn Advisory Groups meet either monthly, quarterly or bi-annually.

Each advisory group has at least one Councillor on each committee who takes recommendations back to the Committee and Council meetings.

For your ease we have listed the Councils and Committees alphabetically into categories. If you click on the name a brief explanation of each of the Committees will be shown.


Coastal Business Centre
Coastal Business Centre Endeavours to assist the development of small business and industry through the business incubator process and which involves providing low cost start up facilities for small business operators which show some potential to succeed.

Melville Cockburn Chamber of Commerce
Represents a wide variety of business and commercial interests in the Cities of Melville and Cockburn and invites both Councils to be represented on its Executive Committee to enhance issues of mutual interest.

South Metropolitan Zone - Local Government Association
Regional Group which deals with all matters relevant to local government within the Region and feeds into the peak body of local government in the State - the West Australian Local Government Association.

South West Group Management Committee
Comprises of Mayors of each of the South West Group Councils which discusses matters of regional local government interest.


Delegated Authorities, Policies & Position Statements Committee
To review and consider all Council Policies, Position Statements and Delegated Authorities annually or more frequently when required.


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Aboriginal Advisory Committee
The main aim of this committee is to promote, support and generate awareness of local community cultural initiatives, facilities and services in the Cockburn area.

Cultural Advisory Committee
The main aim of this committee is to promote, support and generate awareness of local community cultural initiatives, facilities and services in the Cockburn area.

Cockburn Community and Cultural Council
The Cockburn Community and Cultural Council operate out of the old council chambers on the corner of Rockingham & Forrest Rds where they are the peak body for Cockburn District Art Group, Cockburn Retirees, Cockburn CWA, Cockburn Historical Society, WA Croatia Ladies, Cockburn Photo Group, Perth Amateur Winemakers and City of Cockburn Pipe Band.

Museum Management Committee
Oversees the operation of the Azelia Ley Museum located at Manning Park Spearwood, including any capital improvements to the building.


Established to identify in welfare service areas within the district to provide emergency relief funding.

Volunteer Home Support Inc.
Coordinates and monitors a group of workers who perform household duties and work for people who are unable to undertake this work on their own.

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Disability Services Committee
Established under the framework of the Disability Services Commission, this committee monitors the progress of Council's adopted Disability Services Plan.


Cockburn Voluntary Emergency Service
Coordinates the efforts of the local volunteers who attend to emergency situations and hazards, usually caused by adverse natural conditions (storms etc).

Cockburn Sea Search and Rescue Group
To assist in maintaining adequate Sea Search & Rescue resources in Cockburn.

LEMC (Local Emergency Management Committee)
To detail arrangements to prepare for and counter the impact of emergencies within the City.

Cockburn Bush Fire Advisory Committee
Responsible for the operation and monitoring of Council's two Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades and their association with the Metropolitan Fire Brigade Service.

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South West Corridor Development and Employment Foundation
Oversees funds for economic development which are not available to local government.


Beeliar Regional Park Advisory Committee
Organised by CALM comprising of local representatives interested in the progress of the development of the Beeliar Regional Park and its associated management plan.

Cockburn Sound Catchment Management Committee
State Government committee responsible for management of activities within the Sound and surrounding areas.

Cockburn Sound Conservation Committee
Is comprised of local representatives interested in protecting and participating in activities which effect Cockburn Sound.

DEWCP & Cockburn Cement Community Working Group
Working in conjunction with the Department of Environmental Protection to reduce emissions from Cockburn Cement.

Independent Committee on Watsons Food Odour Issue
Group formed to raise and monitor community concerns relating to the operations conducted at the Watsons Plant, particularly in relation to odours emanating from the premises.

Jandakot Airport Consultative Committee
Provides a forum for discussing Jandakot Airport related issues, particularly impacts of aircraft noise. Members of the Committee are drawn from a broad base of stakeholders including community, industry, airport and regulatory authority representatives.

Jandakot Botanic Park Advisory Group
Organised by CALM comprising of local representatives interested in the progress of the development of the Jandakot Botanical park and its associated future management plan.

Southern Metropolitan Regional Council
Principal function is to coordinate the waste minimisation programs of the member councils. This council has been responsible for the awarding of contracts for recycling and secondary waste processing of the domestic waste.

Wetlands Education Centre Management Committee
An autonomous, broadly based community association for environmental education and conservation.

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South West District Planning Committee
A committee of the West Australian Planning Commission comprising of representatives of the 6 local governments representing the south west corridor, meets to discuss and make recommendations on regional planning proposals.

Hope Valley/Wattleup Community Reference Group
Consists of rural community members, local MP's, Cockburn & Kwinana Council representatives to discuss overall master plan input.

Hope Valley/Wattleup Community Management Committee
Consists of Local community members, Landcorp and Council representatives, Chaired by Fran Logan to deal with township management issues.

Woodman Point Management Planning Committee
Formed some years ago when the State Government was considering the future of the Woodman Point Reserve. It has now become a Regional Reserve, vested in the Department of Conservation and Land Management, with Councils input to the committee being limited to that of a community stakeholder.


Community Policing (Safer WA - Fremantle Policing District)
Comprises all the local governments in the Fremantle Policing District and considers matters of local law and order.

Neighbourhood Watch Committee
Local committee comprising people from most suburbs with Cockburn and considers matters of local law and order concerns.


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South West Group Transport Committee
A committee of the 5 Councils' of the South West Group who deal with transport issues affecting the region.

Perth Urban Rail Project
Consisting of various stakeholders, discussing issues relating to rail development throughout the metropolitan area.

Regional Road Funding Sub-Group
Allocates priorities for regional road funding.

Roe Highway (East of Kwinana Freeway) Community Liaison Group
Community and Council representative reference group looking at proposals for the Roe Highway between the Kwinana Freeway and South Street.

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Cockburn Recreation Committee
Deals with issues of (generally) recreational pursuits within the District and responds to issues raised by organisations in relation to recreation activities, facilities and associated matters.



South West Metropolitan Regional Tourism
Regional Committee which promotes tourism initiatives in the South West Metro area. Its primary role is to promote the 'Fun Coast' concept.


Cockburn Youth Advisory Council
Deals with issues considered important to young people between the ages of 13 and 25 within the community.

Hamilton Senior High School Chaplaincy Council
To provide support to the Hamilton Senior High School Chaplain through financial assistance and also in organising community events.

Lakeland Senior High School Chaplaincy Council
Advisory and Fundraising Committee established to support the effective operation of the School Chaplaincy.

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